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My name is Dr. Glenn A. Hausenfluke.  I am a Naturopathic Physician and I have been in practice since 1984, and I am also CEO of MitoQi, LLC.   My specialty is using nutrition to support vibrant living and eliminate unhealthy addictions.  2008 was when I was first introduced to a very unique formulation of ingredients (Now known as Mito9) that were instrumental in not only apparently generating mitochondrial support but nutritionally boosting antioxidant value to a person’s system.  After seeing benefits in a short period of time I agreed to start supplying it to my patients where applicable.  Shortly I was witnessing an apparent nutritional rejuvenation of my patient’s health before my eyes.

As an integrative medicine practitioner specializing in the field of addictions, I came across many people with poor liver, kidney and digestive function, blood sugar imbalances, hemorrhoids, obesity, high blood pressure, poor metabolism or lack of energy as a result of general poor nutritional health.  I was able to note, person after person using Mito9realized an amazing nutritional benefit after drinking 1oz daily for a few weeks.  One aspect that especially interested me was at this time “TIME” magazine published an article with cover story that featured a 10 year old child who had been diagnosed with Adult Onset Type 2 Diabetes.  I found this appalling, for a child to be diagnosed with this disease at this age would mean a lifetime of medication and monitoring of blood sugar, which would mean that some pretty drastic choices would have to be made.  After completing my initial research I discovered that the ingredients used in Mito9 could have a powerful nutritional impact on supporting the body’s healthy metabolism and blood sugar levels within the high normal range.  As a result I followed up with three months of use supplying my non-insulin dependent Type 2 Diabetic clients with one ounce daily, accompanied by daily blood sugar monitoring.  The apparent results I saw changed my life’s thinking!  After three months of nutritional support with Mito9 ingredients the apparent benefits I saw indicated that regardless of age or gender, blood sugar in the high normal range apparently started to become normalized by the body after about 30 days or so.  There are over 100 million Americans who suffer with poor metabolic function.  After providing the unique ingredients in Mito9 to thousands of individuals I concluded that anyone with a nutritional metabolic imbalance can improve their overall health by taking one ounce of Mito9 daily.

In my practice, Mito9 , with its unique sources of ingredients, has nutritionally benefited people with a variety of health challenges including smoking, alcohol dependence and various addictions.  By adding the nutritional value of one ounce a day of Mito9 to the body, an individual’s energy levels appeared to improve, usually within 72 hours.  The body began to normalize high normal blood sugar, digestive function, hair , skin, and nails often observed in less than 45 days.  Substance abuse and excessive alcohol consumption often appeared to be reduced in a matter of months.  This would appear to point to an enhanced nutritional antioxidant function of a body’s very active mitochondrial system, with the body’s immune levels functioning at near optimal level.

These discoveries led to more research and an amplification of the formula.  The ionic mineral complex in Mito9 drives nutrients into the body’s cells producing natural energy in some people within 20 minutes of consuming the one ounce.  Many people report a sense of well being and cognitive enhancement that can last up to 36 hours after consuming one ounce of Mito9.  At my house we’ve thrown out dozens of bottles of vitamins and my entire family takes Mito9 daily, including my grand children who really enjoy it.  We actually observed that by giving the kids the nutritional support to their body through one ounce of ito9 daily they appear to be calmer, more focused, and achieve better grades, with kids 12 and under only consuming a 1/2 oz per day.

Mito9 is one of MitoQi’s most exciting products.  One ounce (The daily recommended dosage) of this nutritional dietary supplement provides the nutritional antioxidants and phytonutrients contained in over four pounds of fruits and vegetables.  Many products on the market contain excellent ingredients, but most of them do not contain enough of them to have any noticeable effect.  Mito9 is highly concentrated.  Each of the many ingredients in Mito9 are present in a nutritionally biological functional dosage.

Mito9 is jam packed with nutritional antioxidants to assist the body in its protection from the effects of pollution and stress.  Many people report that they feel the improvement in their energy level almost immediately.  This is one supplement that you will really feel and love.

The combination of nutrients and nutritional antioxidants in Mito9 are especially formulated to nutritionally support and nourish the mitochondria; the tiny organelles within each cell that generate the energy used in all the chemical processes of the body.  When mitochondrial function is compromised, all the functions in your entire body are reduced and your energy goes downhill.

Clearly, improving mitochondrial health is critical for us all.  The ingredients in Mito9 nutritionally supply the mitochondria with the nutrients and protective antioxidants they need to function optimally.

One 16-ounce bottle of Mito9 contains 16 – 1 ounce servings of Mito Fruit Cocktail, a proprietary blend of Mangosteen Extract, Elderberry Extract Wolfberry Extract, Blackberry Leaf and Fruit, along with a blend of Green Tea, Broccoli and Ionic minerals in a base of BioActive Aloe Vera and Grape Juice including skin and seeds, Purified Water, Calcium Ascorbate and Citric Acid.